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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Hosting Review

Ix Web Hosting
by : Rich Hummington (

General Impression - Category Rating 94%

IX Web Hosting has been in business since 1999 and has recently made a remarkable appearance with the opening of their new data center in Hopkinsville, KY. With a highly professional website and very attractive hosting plans, they have managed to be added to the list of companies that TheHostingChart is reviewing.

As the months passed by, IX WebHosting continuously improved its performance in both reliability and customer service, resulting in extremely quick loading websites and high customer satisfaction and consequently mastered to be rated #1 by our review team.

Price & Cost Effectiveness - Category Rating 98%
IX Web Hosting's plans give you an excellent value.
Regardless of your needs, their plans allow you to save money right away - but the savings are even greater if you need to host mutiple domain names. Their billing cycles run from quarterly, semi-annual to annual and 2-year billing cycles, the choice is yours on most plans. The longer the billing cycle, the higher the discount that is provided.

When hosting more than one domain name (multiple domain names or sub domains), you can host them all on a single plan (Value Plan and higher). You will save a great deal of money since there are no fees at all for adding, removing, or changing hosted domains and subdomains. You can manage it in real-time via the control panel.

There was not a single billing issue with any of our anonymous test accounts, we have always been treated with great respect and fairness. There were no over- or unexpected extra on any of our hosting accounts. What is more important - when we requested a refund for 2 accounts, we were granted a full refund without questions asked. 100% money-back - including setup fees. An impressive approach towards customer satisfaction.

They will help you with CGI scripts, upload problems, even if you don't know how to use FrontPage - we were assisted kindly via telephone and their Live Chat service. This is an important aspect for a web master maintaining multiple websites, as for a busy website, there is a constant need to change your site's content and scripts used.

Where else can you get 2,500mb web space for $4.95 / mo, or unlimited multi-domain hosting for $19.99/mo, paired with a zero-risk 100% money back guarantee.

Reliability - Category Rating 95%
During our extensive hosting experience with IX Web Hosting, we have had hardly any server outages. It would be a lie to say none of our 23 anonymous test accounts have never been down - however, the uptime track record for our test accounts is impressive.

The question is not IF downtime happens, the question is when it happens and how quickly your hosting company can resolve the problem. Quick problem resolution is a must, so your site will be back online in no time.

Our overall reliability experience with IX Web Hosting is positive. They claim to provide 99.9%